Fall off the bone ribs

Prior to the Lonesome Lake House we lived in a quaint little section of Hidden Valley (Yep the one that Ranch dressing came from). Amidst the open fields and winding creeks, you would find our gloriously quaint house we affectionately called The Homestead. It was a tiny little farmhouse, a shockingly fertile garden adjacent; chickens, a lazy dog, a chandelier in a tree, and a summer breeze that fluttered with puffs of cottonwood pollen and the sweet and smoky scent of barbecue. Poppy used to smoke the most delicious and tender, fall off the bone, meats all summer long. We would sit outside on the wrap-around porch and drink summer cocktails, shuck peas, and peel potatoes, all while visiting with friends and family. Currently, I am without a smoker and quite a distance from Mimi and Poppy; so I needed to find a way to recreate that summertime nostalgia without the traditional tools. I found this little nugget of glory over at Steamy Kitchen.  I have adopted Jaden’s technique for her “Fall off the bone” ribs and I have to tell you…These could rival Poppy’s.


Rack of baby back ribs
Bacon grease
Barbecue sauce(Whatever you favorite might be.
I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s)


Preheat oven to 275°

Place the rack down bone side up and remove the thick membrane from the bone. A butter knife should be able to get it lifted enough for you to get your fingers underneath and pull it up. Once it is peeled off rub down your ribs with a generous amount of bacon grease and season with salt and pepper. Place on your favorite stoneware cookie sheet or roasting pan. I put the rack in whole but if you need you can section the ribs and arrange them however you need. Cover them with two applications of tinfoil and back for about 4 hours. Once the four hours have elapsed uncover. If they were cooked in a roasting pan remove from roasting pan and place on cookie sheet. Generously slather on the sauce of your choice and then broil them for approximately 5-10 minutes. Keep a close eye on them so they don’t burn.

Remove from oven give them about 5 minutes to rest. After that go to town.

These go really well with a creamy potato salad, green beans, grilled corn or my personal favorite, a napkin and a glass of sweet tea.

Also check out Jaden’s original recipe which uses a delicious sweet chili sauce.

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